Friday, September 25, 2009

wishing, hoping, thinking, praying

We are down to 7 more sleeps in our house. We offered on a house in Cali but we were not picked, so we are still looking.
The boys and I are packing and trying to have a little fun too.
It has been fun having web cam so we can talk to John in the evenings. We try to have family prayer together. The family hug has proved to be a challenge, but the boys get a kick out of John trying to hug them through the computer.

The walls are bare, but it is hard to get to depressed with these to silly monkeys always making me laugh. Now that the dolls have been packed up the boys think this is a fun place to climb in.

James gave up on helping me pack or rather empty boxes....I found him a few minutes later on the bottom stair sleeping.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morning at the Park

We met Cami and Shayden at the park to play for a few hours.
Cami and I tried to get 3 two year olds to stand together for a picture. IMPOSSIBLE!
Jakub was the only one to say cheese.
So I had to get a picture of them throwing wood chips onto the slide.

There was water in the cutter just outside the park gate. The boys started by throwing sticks and rocks in the water. It wasn't long before James and Jakub were head to toe wet and having the time of there lives.
Oh to be 2 again!