Monday, November 23, 2009

Remind me never to make sugar cookies again.

I attempted to make turkey sugar cookies with the boys. I am so glad I did it with my mom and sister or I wouldn't have survived. The boys and Taylor had a great time but it took a long time and what a mess. What made it even worse was James made a mess when the flour and then peed in it. He has decided he doesn't like clothes and has been potty training himself. For the most part he doesn't have accidents when it comes to peeing. But pooping is another story. I will spare you the details. Anyway.......Gotta run John comes home for Thanksgiving in 54 hours. I haven't seen him for 32 days and the kids haven't seen him since Sept 14th. He is closing on the house in California next week....On Dec 26th the boys and I will move out to California. My mom and Aunt Ina have offered to come make the drive with us. I am very excited to have them with me for a few days to get us settled.