Sunday, May 24, 2009


Kurt joined our family when Charlie and him were Seniors in High School. Today was the first time in years that we have all been home together. Kurt has been serving with the Navy as a Medic. He has been to Iraq twice. He walked into the house today in full uniform. What a Hero. He is one of the men I pay tribute to this Memorial Weekend. Scott was the other man at the house today that I honor as a hero today. He was just given the job of commander over his company. Scott amazes me....he can be joking and playing as I remember him then with the click of the phone opening he changes to army mode.
After countless war stories, Kurt and Dad took up on their favorite pastime "political discussions" There were years of catching up and when I left the house it was still going.
Grandma got all the grandkids new shirts. Jakub calls every flag..."grandpa's flag". He was very excited to have a grandpa flag shirt. It was a challenge of course to get all 9 kids to sit for a quick picture.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


J missed the cut off to play baseball by 4 days. He is the biggest kid on the T-ball field and very bored. I should have just signed him up for the real game. I have been tossing him the ball and he can hit it even with my bad pitches. I feel like the mom job just keeps throwing me more curves......and how do you mom's out there keep up with all the activities? J has piano on Monday, T-ball practice on Tuesday, and a game on Thursday. Then there is homework every night. Maybe it will be easier when school is out!