Sunday, April 25, 2010

yum and fun

Nothing tastes better than whole wheat bread fresh from the oven.... or is there....

I took part of the dough and made cinnamon rolls....
And breadsticks.
Yesterday, we walked to the park and played in the water! It was a beautiful day. I think we are all going to love Summer Days in our new neighborhood. I might just spend everyday sitting in the shade of palm trees while the boys run in the spraying water.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break comes to an end.....

Friday Grandma and Jay went to the movie and played at the arcade.
While at the mall Taylor wanted to pick out earrings with her mom. But Karen told her she couldn't have earrings until her ears were pierced. She excitedly got in the chair and hugged the bear.

As you can see she was not a happy camper after it was over.
But a sucker stopped the tears and she was anxious to call her dad and tell him.
After a morning at the mall we spent a few hours in the back yard in the pool. It was in the high seventies which broke my rule of no swimming unless it is 80 but hey we had company, right?
We got the kids in dry clothes and headed for the park. We had great weather for all of our out door activities this week.
It turned a bit colder on Saturday, but we didn't mind, it was shopping day for the girls. I had a fabulous day with my mom, sister and niece. We spent most of the day crammed in a dressing room having a great time.
After the plane left today we needed a fun family activity.....we talked about baptism and made Jay a chain to count down the days. 83 DAYS and both sets of Grandparents will be back in California.
Thanks to all our visitors this week. And to those that stayed behind. We miss you. We love you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Round 2 of visitors

Grandma and Grandpa M. left this morning just before the boys and I drove to the airport to pick up Grandma S., Aunt Karen, and Taylor. The boys and I enjoyed another day in San Francisco. I am feeling a lot more confident in driving. (Thanks to my Father in Law for being an awesome navigator Tuesday and Wednesday) Today I only had to turn around twice after getting on the wrong freeway. But even with the mix ups I was calm. I am super excited to spend the next two days with my mom, sister, and niece. I have a feeling next week is going to be hard after 7 days of family here. I am going to try not to think about it and just enjoy the time I have.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Muir Woods & Muir Beach

Our time with Grandma and Grandpa went to fast. John thinks I take to many pictures but I always look back and wish I had more. Thanks for coming and spending a few days with us. We love you so much!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If your going to San Francisco.....

The boys and I had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa today.

We ate at Bubba Gumps....

We had an awesome view from our table.....The sky was blue and it was in the 60's.....
more adventures tomorrow........

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Day!

Today was the Primary Easter Egg Hunt. Jakub picked up 3 eggs, Jay stuck to the 10 egg limit, and James picked up 17 eggs. Guess What the Easter Bunny left at my door today? A Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Series Mixer! It has 14 cups Flour Power. If you hear noise and yummy smells coming from my house it will be my Gift from Santa (Wheat Grinder) and Gift from Easter Bunny (Kitchen Aid) working together to make Delicious Bread.

Jay told me "It is not from the Easter Bunny, I saw the UPS man."
Jakub said "Mom you better tell the Easter Bunny thanks."
James didn't even notice.

Coloring Easter Eggs

First off someone needs to give me a good homemade pizza recipe. I am not a good pizza maker. HELP. The boys enjoyed it, as you can see on Jay's messy face, but they will eat anything if pepperoni is on it.

I have 2 boys screaming at each other. I should blog when they are sleeping but I have some many other things to do. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We are all happy and healthy. Until next time.....I love you all!