Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fresh Air

These poor boys don't get out much. Most weeks there only out is going to church on Sunday.
So when it got a bit warm last week I took them out to play. They were so happy.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

It is still winter in Idaho. Snow is on the ground and we didn't spend much time outside looking for eggs. I fact the guys hid one so good it couldn't be found. We just gave up and went inside to get warm. It was to much fun to have all the Sparrow Family together. The 7 cousins had a great time playing together. We hope for spring to come soon...........

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we went to Clinton, where spring has sprung. Flowers are coming up and the weather was perfect. The 7 Mills cousins had a great time hunting for eggs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


J wants waffles everyday for breakfast. Personally I like pancakes better, I'm not sure why. So to sneek in a pancake unstead of a waffle I just get out the waffle Iron but not plug it in. I cook bacon on the grill and then pancakes. So the smell of bacon distracts him. I smooth peanutbutter on the pancake and cut it up then put syrup on. He never knows the difference. While eating his pieces of pancake today Jakub pulled his bib up over his face in an attempt to remove it from his head. When it seemed impossible he lowered it down. J said "boo". Wow! That was so exciting! Jakub just laughed. It even got a smile out of our serious James, who started to play also. It is the small things that bring joy into our lives. Have a Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Best Boys

I was brave and took the boys to get there picture taken. I find it is easier if I have mom to help me, but she was working and I only had one day that would work for me to go to Logan. So we left as soon as J got on the bus at 12. Kiddie Kandids was running late and I was so worried that it would be a miserable experience. The boys proved me wrong. They sat up there so big and smiled. 6 pictures were taken and they all turned out perfect. Who knew that 12 month old twin boys would be the easiest pictures of the day. Boy am I blessed.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mother of Twins

What is like to be a mother of Twins?
The kitchen floor always needs cleaned, even if I cleaned it five minutes ago.
Someone always needs me to change a diaper or wipe snot from his nose.
There are 3 big smiles after the 2 hour morning nap. (James, Jakub, and mom)
New and amazing things happen everyday.
I cry as much as I laugh.

Grandma Sparrow

What would I do without Grandma? She is my hero. She raised 4 children and helped them go into the world ready for life. She has experience from the perspective of being a parent and a grandparent. I draw on her strength everyday. I am so grateful to live close to her so my children can see her often. Thank you Mom for all you do! You know what the funny thing is about me posting this on my blog????? My mom doesn't even know how to use a computer. So this is for all of you to know how much she means to me.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jakub 12 month Milestones

Jakub- 1 tooth (on bottom) He is not yet walking every time he lets go of the furniture he is holding onto he falls. It may not just be his muscles that hold him back but also his spirit, I'm sure he will take those first precious steps and be off and running before long. Jakub has become extra clingy latley and seems to experience separation anxiety whenever I leave him, even just to go into the next room. He loves to click his tongue. He makes fish faces, and loves to give big open mouth kisses. If he doesn't get his way or he is mad he will have a bit of a temper tantrum he will yell and put chin down to his chest. It is a small fit, then he is calm again. Jakub crawls to the top of the stairs and yells down at James who is always on his way up or down. This week he finally watched and learned what his brother was doing and turned around to scoot down. When mom says no to something he is doing he will pucker his lips and say no. He is becoming more independent everyday.

James 12 month Milestones

James- 3 teeth (2 on bottom and 1 on top) This week he took his first steps between mom and dad. A few days later, he ventured on his own from the panty across the kitchen to mom at the kitchen sink. He clapped for himself he was so proud. He gets braver every day. James loves to dance to music, he buts his hands in the air and sways back and forth. He snorts like a pig and roars like a dinosaur. When asked if he wants milk, he will sign for it, witch is about the same thing he does to say bye-bye. When James comes to the stairs he will turn around and scoot down. He loves to crawl up and down the stairs. He has learned that mom doesn't like when he plays in the tree dirt, and that no means no. He is no longer a helplessness baby.

Birthday Cake

Today was the big day for the twins. They had a ball, opening presents, playing with cousins, and eating CAKE. James stuck a finger in the frosting and looked at it, then tried to get it off. Jakub put both hands in and started scarfing down his cupcake and frosting. James eventually warmed up to the sweetness, but shortly after, Jakub stole James' cupcake and ate it.