Monday, February 25, 2008


I think back to this time, one year ago: I was in my last week of my pregnancy, uncomfortable, and wondering what my twins would look like. James and Jakub's birthday party is on Saturday I would like everyone to make predictions about their future by guessing how they will eat the birthday cake -
Who will react to the cake cautiously, and who will dive right in?

How old am I now?

In less than a week, James and Jakub will be 1 year old! Myself, however — thanks to those endless nights of not sleeping, with each day really being like two days — will technically be two years older, although when I factor in the bionic aging influence of babies, this is really actually 20 years. What do you think?

Friday, February 22, 2008


John and I were in Wendover for 3 days this week and it was so great to get away from the kids. My mom was so good to take our kids for us. We went to a Blake Shelton Concert, played the penny slots, relaxed in our private hot tub and steam shower. I missed the kids but I didn't want to come back to all the work (endless laundry, dishes, ect.......)


When I got out of the shower at 12pm (It is almost impossible to get a shower before that) and started walking toward the kitchen and I could smell something good. It was weird because I knew I wasn't cooking anything. I had made J ramen noodles for lunch before school but that wasn't the smell. It was warm bread from our new neighbors.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Check Me Out

Thank you for coming to see my blog. I hope I can keep this site updated in my spare time. LOL It is very random, right now I am just adding a few happenings from our past year. ENJOY!

Twins Birth Day

Thursday, March 1, 2007

At 7:45 am I drove away from the neighbors (Brenda Neuberger) house where I left J to play while I went to my last Dr. appt before my scheduled C-section on March 3, at 9:30 am. Dr. Jiriko checked my cervix at 8:30 still a 1 cm. I was at a 1 cm 2 weeks before. She told me how exited she was for the delivery on Saturday. She wanted to monitor the babies and make sure they were well. The nurse (Anna) hooked me up for a NST. I sat there thinking about how hungry I was. And how I was going to let J play the game cube and I would take a nap, then when he was at school I would go get my hair cut, styled, and then get my toes painted.

20 minutes later Anna came in and took the report to Dr. Jiriko. When she came back she said Dr. Jiriko wanted to monitor for another hour. I was having contractions. What? This was not in my plan.

At 10:30 Dr. Jiriko came in and checked my cervix—4 cm! She told me to go to the hospital and get prepped for surgery. I tried to bargain with her on the time but she said she was concerned because I was moving so fast. She agreed to let me drive home so John could meet me and then we would go to the hospital.

I made phone calls all the way home. At home I frantically packed my bag and J’s bag. I took J’s things to Brenda’s and told J his brother would be here soon.

At 11:45 am John parked the car and we walked into the hospital. I was quickly asked to change into a gown. The nur got my IV in my hand on the 2n try. After paper work and more paper work, I walked into the surgery room. Dr. Houden gave me the epidural, then I laid down. It didn’t take long before I was very numb. Dr. Jiriko said I would feel pressure, but I didn’t.

James was born 1:16pm, Dr. Jiriko held him for us to see and then he was taken to the other room to be weighted 5lbs 15 oz Jakub came at 1:17pm, 5lbs 3 oz. They both got 9’s for their APGAR score. Two healthy baby boys, and John was by my side the whole time. The student nurse took the camera to get a few pictures of the babies.

Our Little Trooper

On June 5th we had a check up for J to get Kindergarten shots. Dr. Strasser checked his blood pressure and it was 159/110. We spent the next 4 months going to Primary Children’s Hospital doing tests. After EKG, Ultrasounds, Aortogram, Echocardiogram, MRI, MRA, several other tests and blood work we found out J had fibro muscular dysplasia. The right kidney was only functioning at 16%, so on October 30th it was removed. Today J loves to ride the bus to Kindergarten, & visit the neighbors.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It is amazing how they can go from sweet babies to
toilet paper eating monsters in just 11 months.

Twins - 1 week old

The Day Between

For 9 years now this day has been know as the day after our anniversary. For the rest of you this is the day before Valentines Day.

Yesterday....Just another day of caring for the boys. I made dinner. Did Laundry. Changed countless diapers. Read Stories. Watched Cartoons............ When John got home from his 12 + hour day away from home he had a presant for me. A new diamond ring. I have been without a ring for several months now, because I lost my diamond out of my wedding ring. I am married to a wonderful man.