Friday, May 23, 2008

Tree Anyone?

I just can't take the Dirt anymore.......Today will be last time.......

Let me give you the background on this tree. When my Grandma Sparrow died 11 years ago this tree was given to my parents in a small basket. My Aunt Ina had it for several years then my mom kept it in her home until it was touching the ceiling. When we moved into our house mom handed it down to me. I have been cleaning up dirt ever since the boys learned to pull them- selves up. Last week I moved it to the corner of the living room but it just hits the ceiling there. It is not happy. Today when the 4 little hands went in the dirt again, I had had enough.

The tree is now hanging out on the front porch. I will have to cut it in pieces and put it in the garbage when J is sleeping, because he is not happy with me for taking it out of the house. You can't see the tears in this picture but they are there.

Kindergarten Program

Well we made it! Kindergarten is over. It has been a bitter-sweet experience for all of us. As a mother I am happy J passed kindergarten and is moving on to 1st grade. I just hope he can get over his frustration with reading. I will miss having the bus pick him up everyday and not having to worry about him annoying the neighbors for a few hours.
James has started signing more...........there was a baby sitting behind us at the Program and James was very excited about it. Ever since seeing Baby Lucy a few weeks ago he has had a fascination with babies.

Jakub is usually clinging to me. He is such a mama's boy. I got a little brake from him at the program because Grandma Mills AKA "far-away grandma" came up from Clinton for the afternoon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I sure do love my 4 guys.

When everyone is dressed and ready for church.......there is peace in our house for a moment.
James and Jakub love to play outside.....
When I make them come in for naps they punish me by playing in the dirt. I am determined to get ride of the tree. I hate cleaning up the mess.
On Saturday we went to Clinton to celebrate Mothers Day with the Mills Family. J was excited to hold his new cousin Baby Lucy. It is hard to believe that twins were smaller that that just a year ago. I am feeling a bit baby hungry (for a girl). I need some pink in this house.

Friday, May 2, 2008


My brother Scott and Paige are on a much needed vacation. The Army has paid from them to go to a weekend Marriage Convention. They are not looking forward to the classes but hey....for a free trip we would all endure about anything to get away from the kids. So my mom picked up the kids yesterday in Layton. They stayed at her house overnight. Karen brought them to me on her way to work. So the kids are with me while everyone else is working. I am so glad I am home to play with them.

The twins were still sleeping when I got lunch ready for the kids. It is a bit cold out side only about 35, but the kids still wanted a picnic. So here they are in the garage. J, Kaz, Mason, and Evan having hot dogs, cheerios, fruit snacks, and Capri Sun drinks and served on paper plates. The clean up was easy!

Now J is off to school, the babies are up now and have eaten their lunch. Are you surprised I am sitting here posting on my blog? My too. The kids are all playing so well. And I need to quite trying to clean up when they leave a room because they just come back. I will clean up later when Grandma picks them up to take them home and my kids are in bed.